Saturday, March 18, 2017

She suffers
She suffers
Gaia is dying
 Who will hear
Who will hear
Her death cries......
We in the gluttonous phase.
What is forgotten?
Remember the roots
Our roots save US

No one feels NOW
Technic centric malaise
I am the RAW

Light beams
Comprise that feeling

I am light.
I am light.

What am I??????
IT dances slowly.

Gaia is dying............
Wake up motherfuckers.

Wake up.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Queen rises
That damned one
The one Damned by men
and progeny

Now usurped by antiquity
Queen rises

Falsity FALLS
Falsity FALLS
Nothing remains hidden
In the truth of light

Here all is
As it IS

SHE is here.
Back on the Mount
Where she once reigned

Where SHE belongs.

Falsity falls.

Re-imagine YOUR HELL
RE-remember your heaven.


But do you even live?
Breath of the sages
But do you breathe?

Where are the prophets?
Have they been silenced?
Have they left us now?

Where is the rose that gives life
To spring......

Where are the lips......
Supple for love???

WE have forgotten everything
WE have forgotten everything

Our ancestors are weary
They weep rivers

The ancients are weary
They gather here
Around our shambled selves
They gather here

Our ancestors are weary
They weep rivers
They bleed our blood
They bleed our blood

 I breathe the breath of sages
Desert fables
Are proved consecrated

I am you
Who are YOU
Who am I

Exploded stars, too, seek reverence
In knowledge of SELF.

Kashiri 3/16 and 3/17

Gaia breathes
Beating heart

Here, in the center, she Is
For US
To make the next evolution
We evolve
Only when we decide
We remain in the darkness
Until we decide
We are the Nemisis
We are the God
We are SHE

There are rivulets of HELL
to our name
The lot of fools.

When do we stand
As DIvinity
When do we stand as divinity
When do we stand

The others are suffering
Our brethren
The Earth
She is bleeding
She is bleeding
She is bleeding
She is bleeding

When do WE stand

THE HELL??????


Nothing is NO thing
We are NO thing
Inside the NO thing is the EVERY thing
Become nothing
Give up
Let go
Personality is false
Ego is false
Stop pretending to know who you are
They don't care
Those who you think are out there ready to accolade you?
They don't exist
YOUR mind exists
Nothing is forsaken
Nothing IS Hell
WE are creating that which IS
Fabricated bliss
Fabricated HELL.
UNchoose the Collective

Remember, remember, remember.
You know WHAT and WHO you are.

Dive into the fabric of time.
Time is here.
Time is nothing.

Ancients stand with us.
They are ready.
For us to remember.

There is not tomorrow without yesterday.
Never forget.
Blood is blood.

Yet, the future can be much more lovely.,
Participants willing.

Please, be willing.,

Our ancestors implore you to be willing.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Kashiri continued

Everything on the other side is beautiful.  We come from and will return to pure bliss.  Pure light.  Pure freedom.  Pure release.  Let go of the fear of eternal damnation.  That is a tactic indoctrinated and perpetuated to control the masses.

Embrace DIVINITY,  EMBRACE DIVINITY.  The Ancients are very clear on this.  So are our future selves.  Time ceases to exist when gravity abates.  Thus, all we think we know if very irrelevant.  We should bow at the feet of the Ancestors, and the Futures who are speaking in clandestine avenue.

Remember WHO and WHAT you are.  They weep for our disconnection to the ETERNAL self.

Stop with the gender/melanin/geographical/language/religion/state/ differential.  It's all MISUNDERSTOOD and affection for defining 'difference' which promotes EGO<.  Dis-sociate from your self.  TRY it.  Be and imagine another YOU.  Watch how 'reality' changes....

Kashiri 3/14/2017

The prophets have been misunderstood by Religion.  That is NOT to say, that One cannot achieve oneness with the divine through modern religious avenues. 

All religions over-simplify the origins and expansion of the Divine, which is the All and the NOthing, in tandem.

Divinity seeks itself through ITself.  No ONE is irrelevant, for all of the small ONE is a perfect replica of the Unanimous ONE.  Fibonacci. 

Ancients understood the Merkaba and the Tetrahedron and the relation to the human energy field.

Nikola Tesla also understood all the aforementioned tenets.  His energy is still fervent to express that there IS an unlimited FREE energy source that all humans WILL benefit from in the near future.  Nikola was underappreciated and misunderstood in his lifetime, yet, his vibration is still continuously working on solutions for modern humanity.  He is convinced we will reevaluate the initiatives in the near future.

We are not alone in the multiverse.  WE are not alone in the multi-dimensions.  Hence, be solaced.  Those who attempt to assist US are not our enemy.  Humans are too fear, because humans believe and invest in FEAR.  Those who seek to assist humans have evolved beyond fear.  We mere humans CAN trust them.

Disclosure is imminent, but it will upset those still sleeping.

Kashiri Transmission 3/13 and 3/14/2017.

Empathy is the key to evolution.  Empathy opens the gates.  Emotions should not be negated.  Emotions differentiate the human species from others, yet everything is ONEness.

The Multiverse exists because Consciousness ITself desires to understand itself through infinite possibilities.  LIFE itself is living potential.  Potentialities are infinite, ever-evolving, never stagnate.

The Ancients exist NOW.  The Futures exist NOW.  The Ancients and the Futures are woeful for the current state of sleep that Earth humans are experiencing.  Current humans have forgotten their DIVINITY.  All beings are DIVINE, God/Source/Goddess.

All current war and hate is the result of the individual SELF-HATRED.  The cure>>>begin with SELF....learn self unconditional LOVE.

There is NO HELL.  Hell is man-made and MIND-made.  Hell ends when Humanity gives UP the belief of IT.  Heaven can exist here, NOW, on Earth, as soon as the Collective DESIRES the demise of the emotions of greed, avarice, hate, war, competition.

That which one expects to find, one will find>> stop seeking/expecting Hell and strife.

This is an energetic simulation of sorts, but not as cold as a mechanized machine.  Currents of light carry ALL information.  All CONSCIOUSNESS EXISTS NOW AND ALWAYS AND PAST AND FUTURE AND WILL CONTINUE TO EXPAND.  This can be described as the Akashic Records.  Do NOT become indoctrinated with names, labels, or doctrine.

We are all free, as soon as we choose to be.

Ancient Egypt used dark matter to communicate with more advanced civilizations.  The pyramids are vortexes.  All information is carried in LIGHT.  Again, EMPATHY is the mover.  Empathy is the next evolution.  WE (humans) will evolve past hate, greed, war.  It is and will be necessary to our survival.

There are 2 times in a human's life when he/she moves FASTER than the speed of light: the moment of conception and the moment of death.

There is nothing to fear EVER.  The other 'side' is only a transmutation of vibratory state.  ALL is blissful outside of the dense 'matter' we take on with the body.  Yet, the body is SACRED and allows lessons and physicality to occur.  There are things we do and can learn in this state of matter.  We did choose this.  Nothing is arbitrary or accidental.