Monday, December 10, 2012


The seeker
Is seeking
His own face.
But what if
That face does not belong to him?
If he is no-thing
What can he possess?

Material malfeasance
Projects grandiose illusion.
On the edge of redemption
Fall for Ego's sake
And all disillusionment dissolves
This disintegration
A permanent impermanence.

Begging at the feet of Truth
We realize
Our eyes
Are the eyes
That are seeking
And seeing
That all we seek
Or have sought
Or will seek
Has already been found.

In The Center

I am
The observer
The observed.
In the interlacing
I trace lineage
Ancestral visage denounced
Circular cycles dissolve
Absolve the crisis.
Conceptual conundrums crack
Dualism retracts
Linear time
Flows backwards
Perhaps upwards
Perhaps nowhere.
All is here
In the center
This moment
Is all there ever was
Stand still.
Be still.