Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kiss the Pain

With her eyes fixated on the heavens,
She waded through tears and blood.
The river of carnage did not deter her hope.
Her smile shown the way through a grim reality
And beauty manifested itself in clandestine corners.
The oxymoron of life is that we cease to suffer
When we rejoice in our tribulations,
Laugh through the pain,
And kiss the eyelids of our enemies.

Original Essence

The metal is sharp, the past cuts deep
To face it hurts worse than to drown it
But does it?
Externalizing the internal strife
I lay on a cold floor face down
And feel each sensation, alone
I must traverse these sands step by step, slowly
One foot in front of the other, not blindly
My transgressions resonate the reverberation of a distant cry
The cry is the “I” crying in me, yet outside me
Why can’t I feel me anymore?
Separation from self, the pain becomes bearable
And I am not I any longer
But then who have I become?
In this bleak, hostile land I seek reconnection
With that “other” self…the former
The real, the original, the essential…..self
The becoming is thus the “returning”
But how will I meet I?  Will I accept I?
Will I remember I?
Is it too late?

This Day

I want to thank you for this day.
The past is a ghost, and the future a fortune.
Encapsulated in this moment
We are untouchable.
Intertwined in ecstatic stillness
Yesterday is forgotten, tomorrow is a whisper.
To cherish this second, this heartbeat, this breath....
Makes everything okay.
So, my beloved, I thank you simply and completely for this day.

This Will Not Kill Me Either

I walked in hell, for a time.
I smiled with tears in my mouth, for a time.
I almost choked on my despair, for a time.
The bittersweet demons of my past still peer from perched precipices
And I wonder when that time will pass.
Or is it always present, the past?
Does it ever dissipate?
This taste, putrid
This sorrow, maddening
Your touch, beautiful
Your face, serene
It is what I seek, that serenity
It is what I need, your touch.
But you are ephemeral, or so it seems.
Our love transitory, or so it seems.
Where are you now, my beloved?
Your departure was cruel, a vanishing act.
Violence is sweeter than this abrupt ending, this void.
I thought I had found my eternity, with you.
But, alas, it was a mirage.
But do not fret, my dear.
My heart has weathered much harsher tragedy.
This will not kill me either.

The Here and Now

At last something feels right.
Something could be for us.
Yet hopeful, I shall not trust
And callous I prepare to remain.
Yet each time your gaze rests upon my face
The pain of then and the joy of now
Makes me erase that inner space of woe
And I throw my fear to the gods
To embrace the essence of this place
The here and now.


She smiled until her heart cracked
Her blood was full of tears
Rivulets running in open veins
Cut by men.


The perils I face to love you;
At times feel treacherous.
The space I traverse;
At times feels infinite.
To feel your embrace
Mends the wounds.
Your kiss--the sweetest salve.
Broken, on bloody knees
I reach towards you
Only to grasp a whisper.
Your elusive presence invades my essence.
I am enthralled by the exquisite acquiescence.
Shackled by this need for you
I lay in silent torment.
An agony I have created.
By needing you
And losing me..

Gratitude, or Lack Thereof

When a woman cries, the earth mourns. 
A woman gives until she breaks. 
Broken, she continues to give until she bleeds. 
Once bled dry, she is considered weak or manic. 
The cruel irony is that she is resilient. 
She will mend herself and start anew. 
To give, to be used, to bleed. 
Vicious cycle, precious woman. 
No one sees your worth.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


My heart stands upon the gallows
On the eve of your decision
The dawn is bleak
Hues of golden blood soak the skyline
My throat closes, I cannot speak
The noose tightens slowly
Your stance is defiant, never meek
Unashamed cowardice glimmers in your eye
There is no solace there
I struggle in vain to meet your gaze
You remain unwilling to do the same
I take my cue
Willingly, I jump
Love abides but for the few.


We met in the street at noon
Rain was in your hair and in my eyes
You came not a moment too soon
Though I am always a moment too late
Locking eyes--we remain ensconced
In a mental battle of psychic facades
Your lips look soft
So I melt my stern stance
And stand at ease
I have always found that men with soft mouths
Have decent intentions



I want to meet you at the battlefield at dawn
Swords drawn in sweet rays of moonlight
Our feet firmly planted in jet black sand
Mindscapes, sweet peril
We stand
The last remnants of past woe maketh me unsheathe the metal
Yet, I lock eyes with you
And my heart stops
My lips quiver
My nipples are erect with yearning
Your gaze is electric, and I, yes I capitulate
Unrivaled by any other, you are
Unable to engage in this bittersweet battle
I capitulate; to what I am not sure
Yet before truth, I am humbled
I drop the metal at your feet
My hands upturned, I offer you my neck
To do with as you will
Yet you won’t strike, my jugular is exposed and throbbing
Your hands reach towards my waist
And you softly press your mouth to my forehead
You drop your metal at my feet as well
We embrace, and the energy consumes me
At once we are infinite
Mindscapes, sweet peril
Eternal battles quelled at the sight of you
For once, no blood is drawn
I am yours
I surrender
There is nothing left but this feeling
This moment, this love
It is complete.
Beneath the moonlight, amidst the cosmos
We strip our armor and lay our heads on the jet black sand
And gaze towards the stars
Where wars do not transpire
And lovers remain immortal.