Saturday, April 8, 2017

We Are Still Here

When we laid down to rest
We feared NOthing
Your ancestors
Your blood

We were the nothing
Divine Void
NO - thing
Not, even dust
We are your ancestors
Your blood

We rise in the hymns
We rise in the memories
We rise
We rise.
We are still here
Your ancestors

Remember us when you feel sad.
We are here.
There is nothing to fear
On the other side.

Remember us when you need reason to fight
Reason to fight injustice
Reason to fight suffering
Reason to REdirect the Collective.

Remember us.
Remember us.
We are your ancestors
Your blood

We are still here.
Our ancient heartbeat
Resonates in your chest.
Remember us.
We are still here.


Your fear is internal
Your enemy is internal
Vanquish the internal foe
There is none without
All external malice is a result
Internal woe.

Master yourSELF
Realizing you are no SELF
You are much more Divine

We are the molecules of
Divinity Unvanquished

You are much more Divine
Much more significant
In the interplay of forms

Yes, we transform
There is no fear in death.
There is NO fear in death.

I will see thee forever
In the myriad of forms.
I bow to YOU.
Your current form is irrelevant.
Your energy's relevance
Created all of the galaxies.

Remember who you are.
Remember WHAT you are.

Sat Nam.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Say HER name

We are nothing
pure dust
debris, atoms
flying particles

Yet, we love
This, will keep us
This, will keep us

If we listen to Gaia
Our Mother
Written out of history
Written out of religion

Respect WOman
Mother of all
Healer of all
Savior of all

She IS
Still here, waiting patiently
For Humanity to say HER name

Say HER name
Say HER name.



All pain to the wind
She catches you
In every dive

SHE, Gaia
Knows every fault
She also knows every kindness

Kindness wins
Each time

Unlock WHAT you are
Do not be bereaved

All is well
All will be well
Ancient understanding prevails

Evolution cycles persist
Gaia will clean HERself =)

Be of good will
Be kind
Just BE

Listen to the wind
You ancestors speak there.


Ancient Blood

Ancient blood
New veins
We bleed
In revery
Of all souls
In Human Misery

To end the tumultuous
We Have a CHOICE
Let go, or be dragged...
To the salvation...
To the Heaven.
OUR choice.

Let go
To be
To be
Free of time,
Or cacophony.

Feel our space.

We are
Collective Dream

The collective Hell
The collective Heaven
Breathe peace
Listen to the birds
Watch the trees
Nature will outlive us
Nature will outlive us

Do not fear
The change of form
Dust and blood
Worry and fret
For nothing...

We ARE relevant
WE are NO-thing
Never a thing

We are too conscious to be inanimate

The silent void
The sound
Of one hand clapping

Enter it
Be in bliss
Be atoned