Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Kashiri continued

Everything on the other side is beautiful.  We come from and will return to pure bliss.  Pure light.  Pure freedom.  Pure release.  Let go of the fear of eternal damnation.  That is a tactic indoctrinated and perpetuated to control the masses.

Embrace DIVINITY,  EMBRACE DIVINITY.  The Ancients are very clear on this.  So are our future selves.  Time ceases to exist when gravity abates.  Thus, all we think we know if very irrelevant.  We should bow at the feet of the Ancestors, and the Futures who are speaking in clandestine avenue.

Remember WHO and WHAT you are.  They weep for our disconnection to the ETERNAL self.

Stop with the gender/melanin/geographical/language/religion/state/ differential.  It's all MISUNDERSTOOD and affection for defining 'difference' which promotes EGO<.  Dis-sociate from your self.  TRY it.  Be and imagine another YOU.  Watch how 'reality' changes....

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  1. Gravity abates, as you are the divine ambassador of Source. Beautifully written and expressed.