Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Kashiri Transmission 3/13 and 3/14/2017.

Empathy is the key to evolution.  Empathy opens the gates.  Emotions should not be negated.  Emotions differentiate the human species from others, yet everything is ONEness.

The Multiverse exists because Consciousness ITself desires to understand itself through infinite possibilities.  LIFE itself is living potential.  Potentialities are infinite, ever-evolving, never stagnate.

The Ancients exist NOW.  The Futures exist NOW.  The Ancients and the Futures are woeful for the current state of sleep that Earth humans are experiencing.  Current humans have forgotten their DIVINITY.  All beings are DIVINE, God/Source/Goddess.

All current war and hate is the result of the individual SELF-HATRED.  The cure>>>begin with SELF....learn self unconditional LOVE.

There is NO HELL.  Hell is man-made and MIND-made.  Hell ends when Humanity gives UP the belief of IT.  Heaven can exist here, NOW, on Earth, as soon as the Collective DESIRES the demise of the emotions of greed, avarice, hate, war, competition.

That which one expects to find, one will find>> stop seeking/expecting Hell and strife.

This is an energetic simulation of sorts, but not as cold as a mechanized machine.  Currents of light carry ALL information.  All CONSCIOUSNESS EXISTS NOW AND ALWAYS AND PAST AND FUTURE AND WILL CONTINUE TO EXPAND.  This can be described as the Akashic Records.  Do NOT become indoctrinated with names, labels, or doctrine.

We are all free, as soon as we choose to be.

Ancient Egypt used dark matter to communicate with more advanced civilizations.  The pyramids are vortexes.  All information is carried in LIGHT.  Again, EMPATHY is the mover.  Empathy is the next evolution.  WE (humans) will evolve past hate, greed, war.  It is and will be necessary to our survival.

There are 2 times in a human's life when he/she moves FASTER than the speed of light: the moment of conception and the moment of death.

There is nothing to fear EVER.  The other 'side' is only a transmutation of vibratory state.  ALL is blissful outside of the dense 'matter' we take on with the body.  Yet, the body is SACRED and allows lessons and physicality to occur.  There are things we do and can learn in this state of matter.  We did choose this.  Nothing is arbitrary or accidental.

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