Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Kashiri 3/14/2017

The prophets have been misunderstood by Religion.  That is NOT to say, that One cannot achieve oneness with the divine through modern religious avenues. 

All religions over-simplify the origins and expansion of the Divine, which is the All and the NOthing, in tandem.

Divinity seeks itself through ITself.  No ONE is irrelevant, for all of the small ONE is a perfect replica of the Unanimous ONE.  Fibonacci. 

Ancients understood the Merkaba and the Tetrahedron and the relation to the human energy field.

Nikola Tesla also understood all the aforementioned tenets.  His energy is still fervent to express that there IS an unlimited FREE energy source that all humans WILL benefit from in the near future.  Nikola was underappreciated and misunderstood in his lifetime, yet, his vibration is still continuously working on solutions for modern humanity.  He is convinced we will reevaluate the initiatives in the near future.

We are not alone in the multiverse.  WE are not alone in the multi-dimensions.  Hence, be solaced.  Those who attempt to assist US are not our enemy.  Humans are too fear, because humans believe and invest in FEAR.  Those who seek to assist humans have evolved beyond fear.  We mere humans CAN trust them.

Disclosure is imminent, but it will upset those still sleeping.

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