Tuesday, May 8, 2012

You Never Will

There is a precipice
Where precise resolution
Presents the task.
This choice.
This fate.
You tread lightly
I stand firm
I have never understood
Those with only one foot over the line
Those who do not jump
Those with shaky foundations
Those with weak wills
And without fortitude
Those with excessive ego
Yet, without heart.
My dear,
If you do not yet know
You never will
Which makes the answer clear.


Imbibe with me
From the sacred cup
Above the perilous hell
Below the star-imbued realms
Amidst this essence
Where we dwell
Time inconsequential
Gravity nonexistent
In this feeling
All pain is quelled
This infinite mist
Is all there is
It is enough
The breath of one.

Monday, May 7, 2012


Consumers of blasphemy
We capitulate to hedonism
Mass media
Mass manipulation
We feed on the lies
And smile as we swallow
We are asleep
And we are at fault
Unabashedly catatonic.

Shackled by EGO

Reality is a delicate mist
Easily altered
By an unsound mind
Or an over-exalted ego.
The 'I' remains suspended
In a molecule of time
Experiencing itself
Through manipulated eyes.
A veil of deceit
Blinds those unaware
And separates us
From one another
Negating the truth
We belong to one another.
When boundaries crack
And divisions cease
We lay down the ego
At last unbounded
Pure, unbridled energy
Unencumbered spirit
We are free.