Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Parables of Escape

In these moments of ease
All pain is quelled
The quest for liberation
Is a difficult feat
Neural Pathways
A maze of complexity
Difficult to control
More difficult to master.
Parables of escape
Tantalize the seeker
Yet, externalities evaporate
Realities mutate
Truths converge
Projections are purged
Lies are liquified
All we seek
Already exists
Inside ourselves
We need only ask
For the answers.

Since You Left

I am now awake
Since you left.
My pitch has changed
Since you left.
Chords of melancholy
Slowly dissipate
I vibrate now
More rapidly
More emphatically
My frequency has changed
Since you left.
Existential wavelengths
On a higher plane.
My consciousness has changed
Since you left.
Yet, our moments together
Were not in vain.
We both have changed.
Travel well
My fellow wanderer
Find that which you seek.
For, as you well know
It also seeks you.

The Unequivocal Divine

At the apex
Of this precipice
I stand in awe.
The unequivocal divine
Usurps past woe.
Ecstatic peace
Doth flow
And vibrate
In this moment.
This instant
This breath
Each moment existential
Yet, infinitely entwined.
A circle is infinite
Composed of finite points
Rushing past this moment
Ignoring this instant
Neglecting this breath
We miss the point.


We are riddles
Of existence
Riddled with pain
We acquiesce to suffering
Or attempt to evade it.
Yet, our evasions are futile
And a new hell begins
Where the others left off.
Realities exist in layers
Overlapping modes of thought
We create the worlds
And those worlds chain us.
Yet, we are pliant.
We fight these chains
And release ourselves
From these chains
Never realizing
We, alone, created these chains
And shackled our own thoughts.
It is not an external battle,
But an internal one.
The infamous jihad.
We are attached to our suffering
It is our bedfellow
And that is the only reason
It never leaves us.