Monday, February 13, 2012

The Opposite

I sought revenge
And misery sought me.
To recreate hell
Only recreates hell.
I then sought refuge
From the revenge I sought
And I began to love
Instead of hate.
With a still mind
I now sleep well.
The former hell
No longer dwells
Inside my heart.
Liberation only came
From seeking the opposite
Of what I thought I needed.
And all disease was quelled.
Not by force,
But by the opposite.
Seeking vengeance only destroys the seeker.


Woe bringeth such a heavy weight
Upon these hearts
This humanity
This fear
All of us intertwined
In a hedonistic hell.
Where the merciless dominate
And corporations tell us what to think...
How to think...
When to think...
And politicians spew lies and hatred
They shepherd the people
To our own demise
Like leading lemmings off the cliff.
And many of us will not wake up
To see the truth
Manipulated fools, the many
They fail to realize
That it is possible
For a pawn to become stronger than a king.
If only the pawns
Wake up.