Tuesday, May 15, 2012

On This Canvass

On this canvass
I create our life
With no trepidation
Large brush strokes
Of color-soaked hues
Paint the sky brilliant
Fushia sands
Meet a metallic sea
And a rose sky of honey
Purple waves roll laughingly
Toward the farthest horizon
It is here
Where our lips meet
On this canvass
The beauty is breathtaking
The air is pure
Summer breezes
Of pure silk
It is here
Where we lay our heads
On velvet sand
Your eyes are emeralds
Your hands are steady
Bluejays sing sweet symphonies
The sweet salt air
Envelopes us
We feel each breath
Inside each moment
My dear,
It is here
And it never has to be otherwise
Fear is extinct
And dreams endure
On this canvass.

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