Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This Masterpiece of Massacre

Our future
Dire, by choice
Free will to create our hell
To destroy our heaven
To mangle our brethren
We teeter on the precipice
Easily swayed
Conscience in shambles
Civilization's uncivilized creation
Commodity of carnage
Profiteering mongers of destruction
Fortunes made off bloodshed

The art of war.
This war, an art?
Painted tears
Canvasses smeared with blood
Picturesque monstrosity
Sadistic splendor
This masterpiece of massacre
A paintbrush in one hand
A machete in the other
This humanity.
This hell.

Paradoxical duality
Our blessed curse
Blood-lust and roses
Carnally carmine, we are.

We are these things.
For, we made these things.
We can change these things.
Lest we remain these things.

This masterpiece of massacre
Does not have to be our final work of art.

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