Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Despite our class, caste, or grade of shoe
Don’t ever lower your head for anyone
True leaders bleed in the streets with the people
King of kings
... Crying with beggars, pleading with mothers
To feed the babies, all shall be as it will be, as it should
When the universe is properly aligned
Juxtaposed realities meld into paradise
And the naysayers fall to the wayside
Alone amongst fools
So never despair when in the company of foul men
For there is a King of kings in your breast, in your essence
Invoke Him and rise despite the treachery of the forlorn
Misery is but a mirror of the miserable heart, the forsaken mind
Never to be followed or mirrored…
Envy is the root of deceit, and treachery follows
So cast your hook amongst righteous men
And watch your leaders, lest they succumb to malfeasance
When the leaders fail to breathe with and eat with the people,
They are no longer the people and become impotent
And that is the time when there is no longer a choice,
When the cry is sounded, and the collective pain explodes,
There is only one choice….
Self-evident and emphatic…

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